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Colorado Christian Fellowship has a variety of ministries and programs that help adults grow spiritually and enjoy lasting friendships. If you are an adult, 18 and older, and would like to get involved, please continue reading.

Christian Vocational Training School

Christian Vocational Training School (CVTS) is a small, private Christian school that offers training for adult men and women to realize and advance their Christian vocations. We train believers by developing them in their Christian lifestyle and/or ministry.

As followers of Christ, we should be continually developing the character of Christ in our lives. Our walk should be strengthened each day, and our callings perfected. We must take full advantage of the opportunities to be trained to further our Christian lifestyles and ministries. So many of us need guided development to become Jesus’ disciples; something he beckons us to become. CVTS offers biblically based education and training in ministry, prayer, life skills, wellness, communication, and discipleship studies for adult men and women who really desire to learn how to further develop their relationship with Christ and their service to others.

There are a number of individual course options available; however, programs of study have been grouped together to provide training in specific areas like Leadership, Life Skills, Prayer and Intercession, Christian Ministry, and Family Studies. Programs of Study consist of traditional classes, along with workshops and practical experience opportunities. These Programs are planned so that you can complete the program over two consecutive semesters beginning in the fall.

The Program of Study in Discipleship challenges students to search themselves and see who they truly are, gaining full awareness of what makes life work spiritually and emotionally. For more information about CVTS, contact the CVTS Dean, Elder Chuck Wood, 303-368-7120. (To CVTS)

Connecting Groups

Our connecting groups are the place where we develop healthy, life-giving relationships. These groups are a safe place where we draw closer to God and other people. We were created by God to be loved, accepted, and valued. In groups we grow in our understanding of God, ourselves and others. We’re better together! To learn more about getting connected with a small group at Colorado Christian Fellowship, contact Pastor Kay Michaelis, 303-368-7105, Ext. 209.

Evangelist Outreach Ministry 

Ministers to those outside of the four walls of our church; shares the gospel under blue skies and sunshine with whomever is willing to listen;  reaches out to those in care facilities;  conducts outreach services downtown, at malls, in parks, and other areas.  To learn more about the Evangelism Outreach Ministry, contact Cris Norwood, crisnorwood@comcast.net

Family Ministry

The Family Ministry is designed to minister to the entire family, no matter what your family looks like – single parent families, blended families, traditional families, tall families, short families, athletic families, comedic families, analytical families, dancing families, singing families, artistic families… all CCF families! The Family Ministry plans various events for all families. To learn more about the Family Ministry, please contact Nicole Bowen, jnbow1@comcast.net.

Golf Ministry

Offers fellowship and fun for beginning golfers, those interested in learning the game of golf, experienced golfers,  and those who wish to improve their golf game. To learn more about the Golf Ministry, contact the church, 303-368-7105.

Global Change Network U.S.A. (CGN)

“Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance,

the ends of the earth your possession.” (Psalm 2:8)

Global Change Network, U.S.A. (GCN, U.S.A.) wants to change the world! We help God-ordained men and women provide leadership in the Body of Christ. We accomplish this goal through a network of ministers who are aligned with our organization and each other through relationship.

We believe that God has given all believers gifts and talents that are to be used to bring his love and the Gospel message to the world. To some, God has given responsibility and special endowment to those who are called as leaders.

Thus, we provide training and encouragement to those who desire to exercise these spiritual abilities. With that in mind, GCN, U.S.A. provides substantive instruction and spiritual support to those who have the unwavering desire and special endowment to instruct and train God’s people and bring them to spiritual maturity. GCN, U.S.A. accomplishes this in a number of ways:

• Domestic and Foreign Missions,

• Mentoring and Spiritual Support,

• Affiliates,

• And Networking.

To learn more about GCN, U.S.A, please visit our website, http://www.gcnusa.org/, or contact Elder Chuck Wood, 303-368-7108, or cwood@gcnusa.org.

Just Older Youth (J.O.Y.) Fellowship

J.O.Y. Fellowship Ministry is open to anyone who is 55 and older and interested in sharing abundant laughter, love for Jesus Christ, and love for God’s word. JOY meets every 4th Saturday of every month from Noon – 2:30 p.m. in the CCF Main Fellowship Hall unless it falls on a Holiday weekend, then it would be on an alternate date. JOY fellowships together through prayer, music, testimonies, skits, and games. There is a delicious lunch prepared for each meeting. JOY has a wonderful time developing relationships and supporting each other.There are 2 trips planned each year. Learn more by contacting Beverly Akridge, 303-368-7105, ext. 212 or bakridge@ccfword.org.

Literary Arts Department
To learn more, contact Sister Renetta at Renetta_haynes@yahoo.com

Married Couples

Whether you are newlyweds or a longtime married couple, the Married Couple’s Fellowship Ministry offers a fantastic opportunity to focus on strengthening your marriage. Learn more by contacting the church office, 303-368-7105.

Men’s Ministry (God’s Posse)

Our Men’s Ministry is designed to connect men to God the Father through fellowship, prayer, accountability, and community service opportunities. We believe that it is vital for men to come together in a group forum so their lives can be impacted for Christ. Learn more by contacting Ron Hutt, mazemagic@comcast.net. mazemagic@comcast.net

Pastoral Counseling
Any time is a great time to back away from the busy-ness of life and focus on you and your family.  The Pastoral Counseling Department at Colorado Christian Fellowship encourages members to take an inventory of their emotional and spiritual wellbeing by utilizing the services offered – Theopostic Prayer Ministry,  individual and family counseling, connecting groups, and special course offerings like Rewriting the Heart, or the Exchange Life.  A word of wisdom at the right time can make all the difference to our situation.  Biblical counseling is connecting people to God in their place of need.  Because Colorado Christian Fellowship is a healing and life skills church, support is available to individuals of all ages.  If you are interested in taking an inventory of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, consider e-mailing Pastor Kay Michaelis at kmichaelis@ccfword.org or calling Beverly Akridge, 303.368.7105, Ext. 212 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available on Mondays from 4:30-9 p.m., and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

To learn more about more about the prayer ministry tool we use,please visit www.theophostic.com and click on “What Is Theophostic Ministry.” You may watch an actual demonstration of the process by clicking on Introduction to TPM Video.

Prayer Shield

Men who pray a hedge of protection around the Apostle of Colorado Christian Fellowship, keeping him covered in prayer as he does what God has called him to do. The Prayer Shield also creates a brotherhood among those participating. To learn more about the Prayer Shield, contact Robert Goens, rgoens48@gmail.com.

Prayer Ministry
·  Prayer and Intercession are offered on Sundays from 7-8a.m. before 8:30 a.m. service in the    CCF sanctuary.
·  Every Wednesday, we offer Church-wide prayer from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Main Fellowship Hall.
You may also post your prayer request at prayerrequest@ccfword.org

Prophetic Arts Department

Through dance, drama, literary arts, music, media, comedy and visual arts, participants in the Prophetic Arts Department at Colorado Christian Fellowship share their creativity and encourage others to go deeper in their relationship with the Father. Learn more by contacting Sylvia Smith.

• Dance Ministry Rehearsals are Saturdays from 9-11:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. For more information, please contact Caj Hunter, pepxc@juno.com

• Literary Arts Department – To learn more, contact Sister Renetta at Renetta_haynes@yahoo.com.

• Men’s Choir Rehearsals are Mondays at 6 -8 p.m. The men sing on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

• Visual Arts Department – To learn more, contact Dominique Bargaineer at dominique.bargaineer@gmail.com

Stewardship Ministry

Trains Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF) members how to have an active commitment of faith that utilizes and manages all resources God provides for His glory and the betterment of His creations.  This ministry provides life, money, and career management workshops and classes.  For additional information, contact Elder Chuck, 303-368-7105, Ext. 206, or cwood@ccfword.org.

Wellness Ministry

The CCF Wellness Ministry’s task is to provide a curriculum of workshops, seminars, wellness activities and fitness classes. These classes will include the most current fitness trends seen in many local fitness and recreation centers. The ministry is also inspired to offer workshops and classes in General Nutrition, Core Strength Training, Aerobic and Cardio. CCF Wellness Ministry’s Vision is to provide a Ministry that addresses the needs of God’s Temple that integrates the body and spirit through fitness, education and nutrition. For more information concerning the Wellness Ministry, contact Gina Grier at grierdesign@comcast.net.

Women’s Ministry –  W.O.W – Women of Worth                          

Through the Women’s Fellowship Ministry, women can come together, just as they are, to share with each other in settings that are “safe” and intentionally designed to build lasting, Godly relationships. If you are interested in joining the Women’s Ministry, please contact please contact Pam Short, pamelashort@gmail.com for additional information.

Wheels of Fellowship

This is a motorcycle ministry that enables its members to be an example to other bikers and show them what it means to live and ride for Christ. Enjoy biker blessings, meet ‘n greet opportunities, runs to beautiful scenic Colorado locations, and much, much more. To get involved, contact the church, 303-368-7105.