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Benefits of Membership

Services for Members of Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF)  IMG_7393

Congregational Care, we care for the CCF Body of Christ!

Congregational Care – If you are planning a wedding at CCF, or need help with funeral services at CCF, Congregational Care is here to help you.  If you are not well, having surgery, or would like additional prayer, please contact Congregational Care, 303-368-7105, Ext. 224. Congregational Care looks after CCF’s members and checks in to learn how CCF can be of service. If you are a CCF member and know of other CCF members in need, please contact the church.

Deacon’s Ministry provides spiritual and practical care in support of our members.  Deacons are available for Prayer, Home and Hospital visits,  Communion, visits to Nursing Homes, House Blessings and Baptism.  If you have need of Deacon Services, please send an email to deacons@ccfword.org.

Funeral Services at Colorado Christian Fellowship – The passing of a loved one can be a difficult experience that comes with the responsibility of planning and making all the necessary arrangements.  This is further complicated by the process of grief and mourning.

Here at CCF, it is our goal to assist you in making this experience one filled with fond memories as you bring closure to the life of your loved one.  In the spirit of excellence, a Funeral Policy Booklet has been prepared to help you in this process. Please contact Congregational Care, 303-368-7105, Ext. 224, to begin the planning process and review the policies and guidelines for all funerals approved by and performed at CCF.

Leadership – The opportunity to serve in leadership at Colorado Christian Fellowship.

Pastoral Counseling  If your relationship with God is not as you want it to be, there may be some barriers that need to be removed. Counseling involves healing wounds from our past, filling the holes in our understanding about the Christian life, and/or learning better relationship tools. If you are interested in taking an inventory of your emotional and spiritual well-being, consider e-mailing Pastor Kay Michaelis at kmichaelis@ccfword.org. For healing and deliverance and pastoral counseling, contact Beverly Akridge at 303-368-7105, Ext. 212, or bakridge@ccfword.org to schedule an appointment with the Counseling Department.

Transportation Ministry – This ministry provides transportation to CCF seniors, 55 and older, and those visiting CCF who would like to attend Sunday Services and do not have transportation. Seniors are invited to call the church office at 303-368-7105 by Wednesday, no later than 2 p.m. to schedule a pick up. To learn more about the Transportation Ministry, contact the church office, 303-368-7105.

Wedding Ceremonies at Colorado Christian Fellowship – We at CCF believe that your wedding begins the first day of a new and wonderful journey in Christ. It is our goal at CCF to assist our members in making this experience one you will cherish forever.  To begin making preparations for your wedding, please contact Congregational Care, 303-368-7105, Ext. 224, for an appointment and to receive a copy of our wedding policy and guidelines booklet.  At the initial meeting, available dates and times for your ceremony will be discussed, along with the scheduling of your required pre-martial class.

With Open Arms Outreach Center – With Open Arms” Community Outreach Center offers food, personal care, and hygiene products and other resources to individuals and families in need, at no charge. For additional information, please call 303-368-7105, Ext. 208.
• Mondays Noon To 3:30 p.m.
• Wednesdays Noon To 3:30 p.m.
• Thursdays Noon To 3:30 p.m.
• Sundays 10:30 a.m. To 1:30 p.m.


We serve the following zip codes: 80231, 80247, 80012, 80013, 80014

  • You must live within the designated zip code areas served by With Open Arms to receive service.
  • A valid form of identification is required (e.g. State Identification, Driver’s License, or Passport)
  • Current proof of residence is required (e.g. a recent postmarked piece of mail, addressed to recipient within 30 days)
  • Birth Certificate, Legal Guardianship, or Adoption Certification is required for each and every child claimed (children 19 and older are considered adults and may not be claimed unless they are special needs and then proof must be provided).
  • When you enter With Open Arms, please be seated and wait to be served. Children must also be seated at all times.
  • Please do not go behind the counter. The With Open Arms staff will serve you.
  • There are no public restrooms available for use.
  • Inappropriate Language and/or behavior will not be tolerated!
  • Please be courteous to all With Open Arms staff.

You will not be served if you cannot follow  these requirements.