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Looking to Serve

CCF strives to be the world’s best example of God at work transforming lives according to Biblical standards. We work hard, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, to create a place where people feel welcome and at home as they are trained to fulfill the work God has called them to do.

Serving in Leadership at Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF)

The model for leadership at CCF is found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. While the instructions were given specifically to those who would be bishops (overseers) and elders, the commands were given to those in leadership over others in the Body of Christ. Leadership at CCF is a responsibility and not a right; it is extended to those who come under the authority of the church’s teaching as expounded in the Word of God. It has always been, and remains a demanding call.  Today, the gap between Christian and societal values makes this particularly challenging.  As we serve Christ in leadership at CCF, we model what we really believe about our faith. Both our beliefs and our lifestyles are critical to the way we serve Christ and project Christian leadership.  As ministry and department leaders, you are viewed as leaders in the church and as overseers for those involved in your ministry.  The following elements describe the areas you should be cultivating as leaders. Therefore, all who seek to lead at CCF will strive, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to exemplify the following Biblical standards of Christian living:

Personal Standards

  • Integrity:  A leader shall be committed to the highest ethical standards in both personal and professional conduct.  This is a vital element in your leadership role before the church leadership and members.
  • Speech:  A leader speaks truth in love and is not quarrelsome. His/her speech should reflect his/her commitment to Christ.
  •  Self Control:  A leader exercises self control in speech and action.
  •  Sexual Behavior:  A leader is committed to fidelity in the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, and celibacy in singleness.
  •  Distinctive Lifestyle:  A leader is to demonstrate a lifestyle what is desirable for all believers, and seek to illustrate a ministry of grace in his or her own lives.

Ministry Standards

  • Write down your vision and goals for the ministry. Have the goals for your ministry in writing; keep the vision before you.
  •  Understand the vision and goals of CCF. Actively seek to learn, understand and communicate the vision, mission and the specific goals of CCF.
  • Demonstrate spiritual growth. Exhibit before the elders and leadership an active and continuous progress of spiritual growth through fellowship, education and devotion to Christ and his teachings

Spiritual Standards

  • Personal Faith:  A leader requires a mature, vibrant and Christ-centered faith. That faith includes a personal grasp of basic Christian beliefs; an active, ongoing relationship with God, rooted in prayer; obedience to Scripture; and a commitment to growth in love.  A leader should not be a recent convert.
  •  Lordship of Christ:  In short, a leader is one who desires Jesus Christ to be Lord in all areas of his or her life.
  •  Servants:  A leader is to be a servant of others, and be willing to help those in need.
  •  Christian Growth:  A leader makes spiritual growth a continuing priority, reflected in prayer, Bible study, worship and involvement in the life of CCF.
  •  Confession: A leader is able to confess and repent of his or her sins.  He or she will lead the church in demonstrating humility and the need for God’s grace.
  • True to the Word of God: A leader comes under the authority of the Bible in his or her own life.
  • Commitment: Christian leaders at CCF are to be members of the congregation, regularly attending, active in the life of CCF, and faithful to the commitments of his or her leadership position.  Know and be in agreement with the tenets of CCF — what we believe and why.
  •  Spiritual Maturity: Pursue a lifestyle of spiritual maturity through healing and deliverance, Bible study (CVTS) and other available spiritual growth programs and ministries offered at CCF.
  • Stewardship: Christian leaders are to have a commitment to giving, proportional to resources in accordance with Malachi 3:10 and Matthew 23:23.  Your tithe is a tenth of what you earn and receive financially, with your offering being anything over and above your tithe.
  •  Commit to support CCF’s senior leadership: Seek to understand the leadership mindset of CCF. Support and encourage the senior pastor, campus pastors, elders, deacons, ministers and other ministry leaders.

Leadership Standards

  • Balance:  A leader makes an ongoing effort to balance quality relationships among family, occupation and church responsibilities.
  •  Concern for Others:  A leader has a heart for seeing people come to know Christ and develop a Christian walk. Leaders cultivate an ability to share faith.
  •  Commitment to Training Leaders:  A leader is committed to training others, encouraging others, and giving others an opportunity to use his or her gifts.