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Family Ministry  The Family Ministry is designed to minister to the entire family, no matter what your family looks like – single parent families, blended families, traditional families, tall families, short families, athletic families, comedic families, analytical families, dancing families, singing families, artistic families… all CCF families! The Family Ministry plans various events for children (Angels up to 5th grade) and their families. To learn more about the Family Ministry, please contact Nicole Bowen, jnbow1@comcast.net.

Marriage 101 is a specially-designed course intended to prepare those who are interested in, plan to be married, or would like to enhance their marriage experience God’s Way.  This course, offered through our Christian Vocational Training School (CVTS) provides support, guidance, and encouragement to those who are married but have not benefited from revisiting the foundation of their union. Through this course, you can expect to gain insight into the roles of husbands and wives, understand marriage as God-ordained, and find appropriate ways to satisfy and be satisfied in marriage. This course is required if you wish to be married at CCF, and encouraged if you want to enhance your marriage. To learn more, visit cvtsonline.org

Marriage Ministry – Whether you are married, engaged, or considering marriage, the Marriage Ministry offers a fantastic opportunity to foster your Kingdom Covenant Relationship in Marriage. To learn more about the Marriage Ministry, please contact Stan and Jacqueline Winbush at kingdomcovenantlife888@gmail.com.

Pastoral Counseling  If your relationship with God is not as you want it to be, there may be some barriers that need to be removed. Counseling involves healing wounds from our past, filling the holes in our understanding about the Christian life, and/or learning better relationship tools. If you are interested in taking an inventory of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, consider e-mailing Pastor Kay Michaelis at kmichaelis@ccfword.org. For healing and deliverance and pastoral counseling, contact Beverly Akridge at 303-368-7105, Ext. 212, or bakridge@ccfword.org to schedule an appointment with the Counseling Department.