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At Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF), we offer a variety of fellowship ministries designed to help children, youth, and adults grow spiritually and enjoy lasting friendships.

American Sign Language (ASL) Ministry for the Deaf -During the 8:30 a.m. service, we provide interpreted service for those who use (ASL) for their communication. We also offer captioning for video announcements and presentations. For more information contact Claricy Weeams at claricyw@gmail.com

Children’s Department, 0-5th grade-The Children’s Department is committed to providing children with love, nurturing, protection, covering, training, biblical instruction, and mentorship. To learn more about all of the activities and programs offered for children, please contact the Children’s Pastor, Gizelle Marshall, at 303-368-7105.

Christian Vocational Training School-Christian  Vocational Training School (CVTS) is a small, private Christian school that offers biblically based education and training in ministry, prayer, life skills, wellness, communication, and discipleship studies for adult men and women who desire to learn how to  further develop their relationship with Christ and their service to others.  For more information about CVTS, contact CVTS Dean, Elder Chuck Wood, 303-368-7120, Ext. 204, or cwood@ccfword.org.

Communications Liaisons – Liaisons welcome first-time visitors and make special announcements on behalf of CCF. To learn more about serving on the Communications Liaison Team, contact Mercelle Seale at mseale@ccfword.org.

Congregational Care – If you are planning a wedding at CCF, or need help with funeral services at CCF, Congregational Care is here to help you.  If you are not well, would like to have your baby dedicated, or you are having surgery, or would like additional prayer, please contact us. Members should let Congregational Care know how they are doing and how the church can be of service. If you are in need, contact Raye Jackson, rjackson@ccfword.org or 303-368-7105, Ext. 224.

Connecting Groups-Our connecting groups are the place where we develop healthy, life-giving relationships. These groups are a safe place where we draw closer to God and other people. To learn more about getting connected with a small group at CCF, contact Pastor Kay Michaelis, 303-368-7105, Ext. 209, or kmichaelis@ccfword.org.  You can also contact Beverly Akridge, Ext. 212, or bakridge@ccfword.org.

Deacons’ Ministry-The Deacons’ Ministry provides spiritual and practical care in support of the Pastors, the Leadership, and the Membership. Deacons are available for prayer, home visits for those who are ill, phone call visits, hospital visits, meals after hospitalization, home/hospital visits for communion, house blessings, and Baptism. If you have need of Deacon Services, please send an email to deacons@ccfword.org.

Evangelism Outreach Ministry-The Evangelism Outreach ministers to those outside of the four walls of our church, shares the gospel under blue skies and sunshine with whomever is willing to listen, reaches out to those in care facilities, and conducts outreach services downtown, at malls, in parks, and other areas. To learn more about the Evangelism Outreach Ministry, contact Cris Norwood at crisnorwood@gmail.com.

Family Ministry-The Family Ministry is designed to minister to the entire family and plans various events for all families throughout the year. To learn more about the Family Ministry, please contact Nichole Bowen, jnbow1@comcast.net.

Father’s Heart Ministry– The “Father’s Heart” Prison Ministry ministers to the spiritual needs of inmates in jails, as well as to the lost who may feel hopeless. We are looking for ways to expand our ministry to include to those in prisons and halfway houses in the near future. For more information about the Father’s Heart Ministry, please contact Kally Allen at kallyallen89@gmail.com.

Fervor Youth Ministry– The Fervor Youth Ministry is for 6-12th graders and gives youth an opportunity to meet new friends, learn about Jesus, engage in praise and worship, have small group interactions, and learn what they were born to do.  Fervor Youth meet every Friday evening from 7-9 p.m. in the CVTS Fellowship Hall. To learn more about the Fervor Ministry, contact Pastor Gerald Bargaineer, 303-368-7105, Ext. 214, or gbargaineerII@ccfword.org.

Global Change Network U.S.A. (GCN)- GCN, U.S.A. helps God-ordained men and women  provide leadership in the Body of Christ. We accomplish this goal through a network of ministers who are aligned with our organization and each other through relationship. We believe that God has given all believers gifts and talents that are to be used to bring his love and the Gospel message to the world. GCN, U.S.A. accomplishes this in a number of ways:

  • Domestic and Foreign Missions
  • Mentoring and Spiritual Support
  • Affiliates
  • Networking

To learn more about GCN, U.S.A, please visit our website, gcnusa.org, or contact Elder Chuck Wood, 303-368-7108, or cwood@gcnusa.org.

Joy picnic 2015 (10)Just Older Youth (J.O.Y.) Fellowship-J.O.Y. Fellowship Ministry is open to anyone who is 55 and older and interested in sharing abundant laughter, love for Jesus Christ, and love for God’s word. J.O.Y. meets the 4th Saturday of every month from noon to 2:30 p.m. in the CCF Main Fellowship Hall. Learn more by contacting Beverly Akridge, 303-368-7105, ext. 212 or bakridge@ccfword.org.

Marriage Ministry – Whether you are married, engaged, or considering marriage, the Marriage Ministry offers a fantastic opportunity to foster your Kingdom Covenant Relationship in Marriage. To learn more about the Marriage Ministry, please contact Stan and Jacqueline Winbush at kingdomcovenantlife888@gmail.com.

Men’s Ministry-The Men’s Ministry is geared towards men learning to worship with their hearts, before working with their hands.  We cultivate an atmosphere that is safe and secure, allowing men to become transparent with one another, and accountable to each other. We teach men that their God given authority is not in their manhood, but in their “sonship” with the Father.  The Men’s Ministry works to bridge the gap between the older and the younger men, intentionally raising up our next generation of leaders.  Our goal is to develop men who understand that human weakness equals spiritual strength, which is where our victory can be realized. For more information about the Men’s Ministry, contact Vincent Kelly, vincentkelly88@msn.com.

  • God’s Posse is designed to connect men to God the Father through fellowship, prayer, accountability, and community service opportunities. We believe that it is vital for men to come together in a group forum so their lives can be impacted for Christ. Learn more by contacting Ronn Hutt, mazemagic@comcast.net.

Pastoral Counseling – If your relationship with God is not as you want it to be, there may be some barriers that need to be removed. Counseling involves healing wounds from our past, filling the holes in our understanding about the Christian life, and/or learning better relationship tools. If you are interested in taking an inventory of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, consider e-mailing Pastor Kay Michaelis at kmichaelis@ccfword.org. For healing and deliverance and pastoral counseling, contact Beverly Akridge at 303-368-7105, Ext. 212, or bakridge@ccfword.org to schedule an appointment with the Counseling Department.

Prophetic Arts Department-Through dance, drama, literary arts, music, media arts, comedy and visual arts, participants in the Prophetic Arts Department at Colorado Christian Fellowship share their creativity and encourage others to go deeper in their relationship with the Father. To learn more about the Prophetic Arts Department, please contact Sylvia Smith at phillipandsylvia@comcast.net.

Relentless Young Adults Ministry– Relentless is all about developing a deeply personal relationship with God and offering skills through prayer, praise and worship, leadership training opportunities, and mission experiences so that young people can be prepared for adulthood. If you are a young adult between the ages of 18-30, join Relentless Young Adult Ministry every Wednesday night from 7-9 p.m. for fellowship. To learn more about the Young Adults Department, please contact Pastor Gerald BargaineerII, 303-368-7105, Ext. 214, or by e-mail, gbargaineerII@ccfword.org.

Resource Ministry-The Resource Ministry Team meets and greets guests and members of Colorado Christian Fellowship and provides them with up-to-date information concerning the ministries, programs, and events at CCF. To learn more about the Resource Team, please contact Mercelle Seale at mseale@ccfword.org.

Stewardship Ministry -The Stewardship Ministry trains Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF) members how to have an active commitment of faith that utilizes and manages all resources God provides for his glory and the betterment of his creations. This ministry provides life, money, and career management workshops and classes. For additional information, contact Elder Chuck, 303-368-7105, Ext. 206, or cwood@ccfword.org.

Transportation Ministry-This ministry provides transportation to CCF seniors, 55 and older, and those visiting CCF who would like to attend Sunday Services and do not have transportation. Seniors are invited to call the church office at 303-368-7105 by Wednesday, no later than 2 p.m. to schedule a pick up. To learn more about the Transportation Ministry, contact the church office, 303-368-7105.

Ushers and Greeters Ministry -The Ushers and Greeters Ministry plays a key role in making the guests of Colorado Christian Fellowship feel welcome and accepted. Ushers serve the basic needs of the people attending CCF so that they are free to focus on the worship and teachings of Christ. Greeters direct all people who come to CCF. They also assist with visitor recognition and acknowledgement. Ushers assist the Pastor, Elders, Deacons, and anyone in need. Learn more by contacting Ronn Hutt at mazemagic@comcast.net.

Wellness Ministry-The CCF Wellness Ministry addresses the needs of God’s Temple and ministers to the body and spirit through fitness, education, and nutrition. The Wellness Ministry offers and sponsors wellness events and workshops, as well as education and fitness classes for Colorado Christian Fellowship and surrounding communities. To learn more about the Wellness Ministry, contact Kembra Howard at kingdomfitwellness@gmail.com.

With Open Arms Outreach Center – With Open Arms” Community Outreach Center offers food, personal care, and hygiene products and other resources to individuals and families in need, at no charge. For additional information, please call 303-368-7105, Ext. 208.
• Mondays Noon To 3:30 p.m.
• Wednesdays Noon To 3:30 p.m.
• Thursdays Noon To 3:30 p.m.
• Sundays 10:30 a.m. To 1:30 p.m.

Women’s Ministry, Women of Worth (WOW)-Through the Women’s Fellowship Ministry, women can come together, just as they are, to share with each other in settings that are safe and intentionally designed to build lasting, Godly relationships. If you are interested in joining the Women’s Ministry, please contact Mia Thornton at miaspring@aol.com.

Wheels of Fellowship (WOF) – WOF is a motorcycle ministry that enables its members to be an example to other bikers and show them what it means to live and ride for Christ. Enjoy biker blessings, meet ‘n greet opportunities, runs to beautiful scenic Colorado locations, and much, much more. To learn more about Wheels of Fellowship, please contact Cindy or Al Wallace at cwallace59@msn.com.