At Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF), we offer a variety of fellowship ministries designed to help children, youth, and adults grow spiritually and enjoy lasting friendships.

Children of Destiny, 0-5th grade The Children’s Department is dedicated and equipped to provide age appropriate instruction inspired by the word of God.  We are committed to providing sound biblical teaching and mentoring that will direct the children to discover their God given destiny. To learn more about all activities and programs offered for children, please contact the Children’s Pastor, Gizelle Marshall,, or 303-368-7105, Ext. 225.

Children’s Church, Colorado Springs -Children’s Church in Colorado Springs is open to ages 4-12 and is available every second Sunday. For more information contact Sabrina Myrick or Julie Otto at

Christian Vocational Training School-Christian Vocational Training School (CVTS) is a small, private Christian school that offers biblically based education and training in ministry, prayer, life skills, wellness, communication, and discipleship studies for those who desire to learn how to further develop their relationship with Christ and their service to others.  For more information about CVTS, visit  To register for courses for the upcoming semester visit

Communications Liaisons – Communications Liaisons welcome first-time visitors and make special announcements on behalf of CCF. To learn more about serving on the Communications Liaison Team, contact Mercelle Seale at

Congregational Care – If you are a member of CCF and planning a wedding or need help with funeral services at CCF, Congregational Care is here to help you.  If you are not well, would like to have your baby dedicated, are having surgery, or would like additional prayer, please contact us. Members should let Congregational Care know how they are doing and how the church can be of service.

  • Aurora Campus – contact Michael Daniel, or 303-368-7105, Ext. 224.
  • Colorado Springs Campus – contact Pastor Denise Waldon at or 719-418-6983.

Connecting Groups-Our connecting groups are the place where we develop healthy, life-giving relationships. These groups are a safe place where we draw closer to God and other people. To learn more about getting connected with a small group at CCF, contact the Counseling Department, 303-368-7105.

Crossfire High School Ministry Are you in high school? Is Sunday church service not quite hitting on your level? Join Crossfire High School Ministry every Sunday, at the Aurora Campus.  High schoolers, Pastor James West will present lessons that speak directly to you and your life experiences. Crossfire offers dynamic and interactive teachings that will foster a thought-provoking environment to help you defend yourselves against the enemy’s fire. There will always be relevant topics about how God can move in your life. Crossfire also hosts monthly events like trips to escape rooms and Boondocks, movie nights, and more. For details, please contact Jordan Dunbar,

Deacons’ Ministry-The Deacons’ Ministry provides spiritual and practical care in support of the Pastors, the Leadership, and the Membership. Deacons are available for prayer, home visits for those who are ill, phone call visits, hospital visits, meals after hospitalization, home/hospital visits for communion, house blessings, and Baptism.

  • Aurora Campus – If you need Deacon Services, please send an email to Marvette Lynch at
  • Colorado Springs Campus – If you need Deacon Services, please contact Deacon Debra Curtis at or 719-418-6983.

Emergency Response Team – CCF has an emergency response team that consists of medical professionals who are equipped to handle medical emergencies effectively and efficiently without disrupting the flow of service. The team members work in conjunction with our security/police officers and appropriate medical staff and our local emergency responders.  Our team members receive regular training and certifications so they can help provide top notch care. If you have questions or would like to get involved, contact Pam Holloway at

Evangelism Outreach Ministry-The Evangelism Outreach team ministers to those outside of the four walls of our church to share the gospel under blue skies and sunshine with whoever is willing to listen, reaches out to those in care facilities, and conducts outreach services downtown, at malls, in parks, and other areas. To learn more about the Evangelism Outreach Ministry, contact Orane Henningham, through Global Change Network, U.S.A. at

Global Change Network U.S.A.– GCN, U.S.A. helps God-ordained men and women provide leadership in the Body of Christ. We accomplish this goal through a network of ministers who are aligned with our organization and each other through relationship. We believe that God has given all believers gifts and talents that are to be used to bring his love and the Gospel message to the world. GCN, U.S.A. accomplishes this in several ways:

  • Domestic and Foreign Missions
  • Mentoring and Spiritual Support
  • Affiliates
  • Networking

To learn more about GCN, U.S.A, please visit our website, 

God’s Posse – God’s Posse meets every on the 3rd Saturday of each month in the Grace Place, from 11 AM-1 PM. The Posse’s mission is to connect men to God the Father through fellowship, prayer, accountability, and community service opportunities. Men, if you would like to get involved with God’s Posse, contact Jerry Perkins at

Health & Wellness Ministry– Through extensive education, demonstration, and caring leadership, the Health & Wellness Ministry wants to ensure that each member will be actively involved and pursuing their own health, wellness, and fitness goals.  Its mission is to obey the spiritual mandate given to us in The Word – to honor God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:20), to educate, activate, and regularly practice good care and feeding of our temples, and to be accountable to ourselves, each other, and mostly to our Father, as we build (or rebuild) His dwelling place (Nehemiah 2:17). To get involved, contact Caj Hunter,

Hospitality Ministry– The Hospitality Ministry reflects the love of Christ by serving the departments, ministries, and congregation of Colorado Christian Fellowship’s campuses. Volunteer members assist the Congregational Care Department by serving families during various celebrations including home-going celebrations, repasts, weddings, etc. They demonstrate hospitality to members and guests of CCF at various functions of the church and make our guests and members feel welcome in the place we call home. To learn more or to get involved, contact Jalonia  Walker at the Aurora Campus at, or Pastor Bernie at the Colorado Springs Campus

The J.O.Y. Fellowship Ministry partners with adults over the age of 55, contributing to their spiritual growth, well-being, and fun.  J.O.Y. engages participants by providing an environment with spiritual growth activities and services, fun, and connectedness via monthly gatherings that will allow seniors to meet new friends, socialize, gain knowledge, celebrate, and share the love of Jesus Christ and God’s Word.  With a few exceptions, the J.O.Y. Fellowship Ministry  usually meets on the 4th   Saturday  of each month, from 12-2:30 pm, in the CCF Main Fellowship Hall. To learn  more about the J.O.Y. Ministry, or to get involved, contact Sheila Woolfolk at

Marriage Ministry – Whether you are married, engaged, or considering marriage, the Marriage Ministry offers a fantastic opportunity to foster your Kingdom Covenant Relationship in Marriage. To learn more about the Marriage Ministry, please contact Stan and Jacquelyn Winbush at

Men’s Ministry-The Men’s Ministry is geared towards men learning to worship with their hearts, before working with their hands.  We cultivate an atmosphere that is safe and secure, allowing men to become transparent with one another, and accountable to each other. We teach men that their God given authority is not in their manhood, but in their “sonship” with the Father.  The Men’s Ministry works to bridge the gap between the older and the younger men, intentionally raising up our next generation of leaders.  Our goal is to develop men who understand that human weakness equals spiritual strength, which is where our victory can be realized.

  • For more information about the Men’s Ministry at the Aurora Campus, contact Michael White at
  • For more information about the Men’s Ministry at the Colorado Springs Campus, contact

Parking Lot Ministry – The Parking Lot Ministry allows the parking process, on Sundays at CCF, to run as smoothly as possible by directing members and guests to available parking spaces on CCF property,  and designated parking spaces on surrounding properties. The Parking Lot Ministry volunteers serve on Sundays from 9-10 AM, and as needed for special events. To learn more about the Parking Lot Ministry, contact Elder Jonnell Ashley at

Pastoral Counseling – If your relationship with God is not as you want it to be, there may be some barriers that need to be removed. Counseling involves healing wounds from our past, filling the holes in our understanding about the Christian life, and/or learning better relationship tools. If you are interested in taking an inventory of your emotional and spiritual well-being, consider scheduling an appointment with the Counseling Department. 

  • For healing and deliverance and pastoral counseling at the Aurora Campus, contact Eleanore Pullen at, or 303-368-7105, Ext. 209.
  • For healing and deliverance and pastoral counseling at the Colorado Springs Campus, contact Pastor Denise Waldon at or 719-418-6983.

Prayer Ministry is a prayer movement, focusing on prayer and fasting for spiritual revival in the Body of Christ. We seek to promote and facilitate prayer and fasting among individuals, the CCF Family, and the body of Christ to foster spiritual renewal and transformation of families, communities, cities, and nations to further Christ’s Kingdom.

  • To learn more about the Prayer Ministry at the Aurora Campus, contact Theresa Burns at
  • To learn more about the Prayer Ministry at the Colorado Springs Campus, or 719-418-6983.

Prophetic Arts Department-Through dance, drama, literary arts, music, media arts, comedy, and visual arts, participants in the Prophetic Arts Department (PAD) can share their creativity and encourage others to go deeper in their relationship with the Father. To learn more about the Prophetic Arts Department, please contact Sylvia Smith at

Resource Ministry – The Resource Ministry Team greets guests and members of CCF at our Information Center on Sundays, and provides them with up-to-date information concerning the ministries, programs, and events at CCF. To learn more about the Resource Team, please contact Mercelle Seale at

Security Ministry– The Watchmen, CCF’s Security Ministry helps facilitate safety in the place we call home. They assist with the protection of those on our campus who are attending service or special events. The Watchmen also assist with other types of emergencies as they arise. If you would like to serve in this ministry or have additional questions, please contact Jai Jackson at

Shepherd’s Food Ministry, Colorado Springs Campus – The Shepherd’s Food Ministry offers Easter and Thanksgiving ‘To Go Meals’, along with other outreaches to individuals in the community.  Please contact Bernadette Stansberry at or call 719-418-6983 for additional information.


S.M.I.L.E (Saved, Ministry, Illuminate, Love, Encourage) SMILE is an open, inclusive, loving environment committed to growth and discipleship. Every Middle  School student is welcome and encouraged to share and participate.The Youth Department hosts services for Middle School Students each Sunday at 10 AM, during Sunday service. To learn more about our youth ministry and programming, or the get involved, contact Jordan Dunbar,

Stewardship Ministry -The Stewardship Ministry trains Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF) members how to have an active commitment of faith that utilizes and manages all resources God provides for his glory and the betterment of his creations. This ministry provides life, money, and career management workshops and classes. For additional information, contact Chuck Wood, 303-368-7105, Ext. 206, or

Transportation Ministry  – The Transportation Ministry of Colorado Christian Fellowship’s Aurora Campus offers rides to help its members get to Sunday service. Riders must live within a 5-mile radius of the church (Aurora Campus).  To request a ride, riders will call the office at 303-368-7105 or sign-up online at by Wednesday at 2 PM.  Online registrations and calls to reserve a ride must be done by Wednesday at 2 PM for a ride that Sunday.

Ushers and Greeters Ministry -The Ushers and Greeters Ministry plays a key role in making the guests of CCF feel welcome and accepted. Ushers serve the basic needs of the people attending CCF so that they are free to focus on the worship and teachings of Christ. Greeters direct all people who come to CCF. They also assist with visitor recognition and acknowledgment. Ushers assist the Pastor, Elders, Deacons, and anyone in need. Learn more by contacting Jerry Perkins at

Visitors’ Center Volunteers – The CCF Visitors’ Center is open each Sunday following 10 AM service for those who would like to ask additional questions about CCF, its ministries, leadership, and its programs.  The Visitors’ Center is serviced by Visitor Center Volunteers (VCVs) who want to ensure that CCF is A Place To Call Home for all who enter its doors. If you would like to serve in this ministry, please contact Michael Daniel or Pam Shook at, or 303.368.7105.x224.

Women’s Ministry, Women of Worth (WOW)Uniting God’s daughters so they know they are W.O.W. – Women of Worth!  The W.O.W. Women’s Ministry empowers, strengthens, equips, encourages, promotes, and challenges women on their journey as disciples of Christ by helping them gain knowledge and understanding of God. The ministry will provide opportunities for women to identify and use their unique God-given gifts to harvest other women for God’s kingdom. If you are interested in getting involved with the Women’s Ministry, please contact Dawnyell Retland at

Women’s Ministry, Colorado Springs Campus – Grace Women Alive (G.W.A.)– Walking in God’s Goodness, Wisdom, and Assurance (Ephesians 2:4-5). A fellowship of God’s daughters can provide a loving and safe place to cultivate friendships and a sense of belonging. The Women’s Ministry will meet on March 15, May 17, July 20, September 20, and December 21, 2024 . Please contact Pastor Bernie Stansberry for details at 719-481-6983 or

The Young Adults Ministry is a welcoming, fun, and loving environment for young adults ages 18-30. The Young Adults Ministry’s mission is to cultivate our young adult’s spiritual gifts and develop their understanding of God’s Word. The young adults meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 1pm-3pm in room 10. If you are a Young Adult, and are looking to meet new people, be supported, and accepted, as well as challenged to grow in your faith, stop by and check us out! For more information email Solomon Henderson, or Jordan Dunbar at